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Dr. John Martin


John B. Martin, DVM:

Dr. John Martin has practiced at the Bountiful Animal Hospital since 1984 when he graduated with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Kansas State University. He joined his father, Dr. Boyd Martin, who established the practice in 1967. Dr. Martin was raised in Bountiful and attended Bountiful High. He went on to receive his Bachelor's Degree from Utah State University. Dr. Martin's veterinary interests are in small animal medicine, exotics, and orthopedic surgery. Through the years, he has been involved with various animal rescue organizations. Currently, he works with "A New Beginning Animal Rescue" which is located in an extension wing of the hospital. In his free time, Dr. Martin enjoys flying, hiking and spending time with his family.

dr_blount.jpgBrittney C. Blount, DVM:

Dr. Brittney Blount did her undergraduate training at Utah State University and completed her veterinary medicine training at Washington State University. She graduated in 2007. Dr. Blount joined the staff at Bountiful Animal Hospital as a full time associate in May 2009. She enjoys soft tissue surgery and small animal medicine. She has an English Mastiff puppy named Hugo, a Boxer/Shepherd mix, Lela, and a tabby cat named Abbie. In her time off, she enjoys hiking, camping and spending time with her husband, James, three young sons: Jacob, Daniel, and Matthew, daughter Jennie, and her baby girl, Becky.



Amanda Wolfer: 

Amanda Wolfer

Amanda came to Bountiful Animal Hospital in September of 2017 after working as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the human medical field for over 4 years. She has a love for animals as well as a love for her job. She knew she wanted to switch to helping animals when she adopted her dog, Arlo, and became his forever home and that's when she went out and found us! Amanda is one of the technicians that assists in surgeries on Tuesday and Thursday and also does dentals for dogs and cats. 



Mindy Mangelson:

Office Manager& Technician. 

Our Office manager, Mindy is one of the first faces you usually see when entering the hospital. This young lady was born an animal lover, and animals were born to love her. She loves her work and has been doing a great job with the Bountiful Animal Hospital since 2006. Mindy is a compassionate employee and showers the animals with love when they come through the doors. Mindy has competed with her dog Mimi, who she adores, in Dog Agility and Rally. She also has a Pharaoh hound named Giza whom she is working with to complete her championship. Outside the hospital, Mindy is involved in agility training and the local Sheltie Club. Mindy works as one of our technicians assisting in surgeries and doing dentals on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 


Jasmine H.: 

Our fun loving Jasmine has been here at the Bountiful Animal Hospital since 2015. Her and her husband Johnny live locally with their cat Rukia, their pit bull Grayson, and chihuahua mix Hades. Jasmine is bi-lingual fluent in spanish and english. She has a huge love for animals and helping everyone around her. She works hard and keeps the mood at the hospital light and positive. You'll find Jasmine at the clinic on Mondays as well as some saturdays! 


Veterinary Assistants 

Bre B.

Bre B.: 

Bre has been with our clinic since August of 2019. She brings lots of energy and creates a positive atmosphere to our clinic. She lives here locally with her sweet chihuahua "Dude". She's a lover of all animals and treats yours as if it was her own. Bre is here most weekdays and occasional weekends. 


Clinic Pet (the real boss)



Klover's story at the Bountiful Animal Hospital began one uneventful fall afternoon. Some accounts say Klover was raised by owls and abandoned at the clinic because she could not fly, others say she was tiring of her life as a vagrant and wanted some better prospects. We typically go with the second story.
Anywho, upon that fall afternoon Dr. Martin's son discovered a small, furry thing living beneath a storage shed outside the clinic. It was rather hairy, and stripy, with wild yellow eyes and grayish fur on its legs and tummy. Upon taking in the little stray creature and giving it a much-needed bath, it was found that the wild little thing was in fact a cat, estimated to be roughly six months old.
When nobody came forth claiming ownership of the little cat, and with everyone in the clinic vouching that she should stay, Klover was spayed and became a permanent resident and the clinic cat (and possible co-owner) of Bountiful Animal Hospital.
Klover's favorite activities include eating, meowing plaintively, hiding in random boxes, finding new ways to make messes with kitty litter, and conspiring against her co-workers. We suspect Klover is an Aries, judging by her estimated birthday in April. Klover is a fun loving beauty who has the enough attitude to match the amount of fur she has. She meows at guests for food, but don't be alarmed.. we feed her. She just tries to trick you. 



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