Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Dr. Kevin Martin <br> DVM photo

Dr. Kevin Martin

Dr. Kevin Martin was born and raised in Bountiful, Utah and is happy to be back to work with the team at Bountiful Animal Hospital as a 3rd generation veterinarian. He graduated from Washington State University in 2022 and has loved working with your four pawed family members. When Dr. Kevin is not at the clinic he enjoys spending time with his wife Whitney, their son Oliver and Drax their little Yorkie-poo. Together they love getting out rock climbing, going on walks and spending time in the water. 

John B. Martin</br> DVM photo

John B. Martin

Dr. John Martin was born during his father’s, (the late Dr. Boyd Martin), last year of veterinary school at Kansas State University.  Twenty-eight years later, Dr. John Martin, following his own graduation in veterinary medicine from Kansas State University, joined his father’s practice at Bountiful Animal Hospital.   Moving back to Bountiful, in 1984, he brought his wife, Kathryn, and two children, adding three more children to their family and many beloved pets during their time here in Bountiful.  Dr. Martin has loved being an active part of the community, caring for innumerable pets that have come in all shapes and sizes.  He has also enjoyed being a part of several community softball teams, bowling leagues, and being a scout leader to many young boys and active member in his church.  He enjoys living and working in this area where there is such a love of community and devotion to caring for our animal friends.

Dr. Brittney Blount </br> DVM photo

Dr. Brittney Blount

Dr. Blount joined our staff in 2009.  She graduated from Washington State University in 2007.  She particularly enjoys teaching clients and our staff, surgery, and of course puppies and kittens.  She also enjoys being able to confirm pregnancies via the ultrasound.  She has been married to her husband James since 2005 and they have 5 children: 3 boys and 2 girls.  They also own 3 dogs (2 English Mastiffs and a Shepherd mix), a cat, and a Guinea Pig.  In her free time she likes to go hiking, camping, boating and spending time with her family.  She also participates in Spartan OCR races and is getting her trifecta this year (2021).

Hospital Staff

MINDY MANGELSON</br> Office Manager/Veterinary Technician photo

Office Manager/Veterinary Technician

Mindy started working at Bountiful Animal Hospital in March of 2006.  Apparently, she likes us at least a little bit.  Mindy loves pretty much all warm-blooded, furry and cold-blooded, scaley animals, but is afraid of any 8-legged, creepy-crawly creatures.    Mindy has a Pharaoh Hound named Giza.  She loves Giza with all her heart and they go to dog shows to either run like the wind after a lure (it's only a plastic bag - don't worry) in Lure Coursing Trials, or jump over jumps, running through tunnels and up-over-&-down different obstacles in agility.  Giza has 1 more run at 30 mph to be ranked as the fastest Pharaoh Hound ever clocked but Mindy has not been timed in her running as of yet, but she suspects that she is one of those slow 2 legged creatures that may never cross the finish line if she has to run too far.  Other than spending time at competitions or cuddling with her dog in her spare time, Mindy also loves hiking, camping, time with her family, reading, drawing, playing piano, singing and watching movies.

Leslie McCormick</br> Veterinary Technician photo

Leslie McCormick
Veterinary Technician

My name is Leslie and I’m a State Certified Veterinary Technician. We moved here in 2021 following my husband’s retirement. We have been traveling to this part of the US for many years and knew this is where we wanted to settle. After working in human medicine for 16 years, I returned to my first passion which is animals. I have a German Shepherd (appropriately nicknamed “The Sheriff”) who is the best trail running partner ever. We love the mountains and all they have to offer.

AMANDA WOLFER</br> Veterinary Technician photo

Veterinary Technician

Amanda began her tenure with us September of 2017.  Amanda has a background as a CNA before she came into the animal field.  This has made her comfortable in many procedures and gives her a unique insight when caring for your animals.  After working here for a bit, Amanda has found that she has a little allergy to cats but this can’t stop her, she loves them and cares for them anyway.  Amanda has a dog of her own.  His name is Arlo and he is a Lab/Mastiff cross.  After caring for your animals here, she goes home and relaxes with Arlo to watch some Netflix.  Amanda loves Nutella in case anybody wants to know what to get her.  Amanda loves crime documentaries and will often binge watch them on the weekends.

Jasmine Hernandez Veterinary Technician photo

Jasmine Hernandez Veterinary Technician

Jasmine was born in Logan, Utah. She grew up and married a gentleman who grew up in California. Her favorite breed of dog is the Pitbull. Her first doggy was a Pitbull name Greyson who just passed away this year (2022). He was a big sweetheart. She also has a smaller Chihuahua cross named Hades. Hades, however, has found a new love in Jasmine’s mother. She lets him get away with anything and Hades has decided that this is the best thing in the world. Though Jasmine is allergic to cats, Jasmine and her husband have 2 gatos (cats): Rukia and Sakura.

Jasmine loves going hiking. Jasmine loves traveling even though we have told her she can no longer go on vacation due to her finding different ways to injure herself each time she takes one.

Jasmine started working as a Veterinary Technician in 2013 and started working with us in 2015. Jasmine is bilingual and loves to work with the Hispanic/Latino community. Her favorite thing to do as a Vet Tech is to draw blood from the jugular vein. And if anybody wanted to know, her favorite animal is a pig.

Katie Carter Veterinary Assistant photo

Katie Carter Veterinary Assistant

Katie was born in Twin Falls, Idaho. She has three dogs and two cats. Her favorite animal is a sloth bear. She loves softball, cooking/baking and horseback riding. She is our newest team member being hired August of 2022.

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